Wood Bros. 100% Professional Services

At Wood Bros., we aim to offer you, not only the best rentals but also first quality services for highway and road work, residential, commercial, and tract housing. Our professional services are available to individuals, small and large businesses, utility companies, counties, cities, etc.. We work with you to provide optimal rental and service rates based hourly, daily, weekly, or by long-term / short-term contract.

Street SweepersStreet Sweepers – Professional sweepers for streets, freeways, highways, enclosed communities, parking areas, curblines, etc. Specializing in chip seal cleanup, asphalt grinding and milling for road work, storm cleanup as well as cleanup for track-out on construction sites, housing tracts and roads

SUPER 10 dump truckDump Trucks – We have a wide selection of rugged and dependable dump setups to cover a variety of your needs for your projects.

Super 10 Trucks provide maximum hauling capabilities along with maneuverability in tight areas
End Dump Trucks work well for any type of demolition or removal of asphalt, concrete, dirt, etc.
Bottom Dump Trucks for hauling dirt, base, aggregate, etc.

Low bed trailer with OVER SIZED LOADLowbed Service – Cozad Lowboy for transportation of heavy equipment

Flatbed Trailers – For hauling a variety of items


Simply loading dirt!Loaders – We have loaders available operated and maintained with experienced operators familiar with all types of grading, over/ex, loading trucks, etc.

Rock/Skeleton Bucket available


Water TruckWater Trucks – We have both 2,500 gallon and 4,000 gallon water trucks to handle your biggest jobs and virtually any application



Fill dirtImporting and exporting dirt – Rates based hourly or priced per load
Fill dirt, rock, sand, gravel, riprap, colored rock, etc. for delivery to commercial lots, housing tracts, pads, roads and highway projects.

Wood Bros. Proudly Serves The High Desert & All of Southern California!
We appreciate your continued business and support.